This issue caught my eye as I was scrolling through my Facebook feed. Some lady had asked for advice from married women in a certain Kenyan fb group, since her marriage was falling apart at six months only. What left me puzzled was the advice, as most said to tolerate because marriage was about that. lets sample some of the replies


I have never been married, but if the advice you will give me is tolerance, watching movies and reading books which are biased (favor men) when it comes to advice and being submissive, then don’t. What everyone should understand is that time changes, and so do norms, culture, traditions etc. Change is inevitable.

I believe a marriage should be about partnership, conflict resolution, monogamy, love, laughter, communication,  and happiness.

Sure, there will be misunderstandings here and there, but it shouldn’t be all about that. The term tolerance insinuates that its just downs on downs, no ups.And honestly the gender which carries this huge role of tolerance is women.

The analogue system of marriage is not working anymore. So we better create a new reality of the institution before it becomes extinct all together.

So, back to the facebook post. Not all the comments irked me as some ladies gave  some pretty good advice. Read them below


So what do you think? Should we stick to the traditional methods or adopt new ones when it comes to this institution? let me know in the comments section




  1. Some of the advice pple give on marriage makes me wonder. In as much as one should be a prayerful and good wife, you did not marry yourself, therefore why should you carry the burden of a bad marriage all by yourself?


    1. I know! These married women make marriage sound so aweful for some of us who are yet to get there. I wish they knew what kind of a picture they paint for us out here


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