School and Motherhood

If what President Magufuli is saying comes to pass, lives will be ruined. A vicious cycle will be started and there will be no end to it. This kids who are being forced to drop out of school will have ruined lives, the chances of their daughters repeating the same will be very high. Let teenage mums be given a chance to learn and succeed.

Gatundu Girl

A few days ago, Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli made a statement that raised controversy. He said that if girls or Primary and Secondary school level get pregnant, that should be the end of school for them. They should go to vocational training institutes and learn trades such as sewing instead of going back to school after delivery. According to President J P Magufuli, their presence in schools will encourage other girls to engage in sex.

There are so many sides to the coin of a pregnant school girl. Let’s start with the basic, it takes two to tango. That’s right, a baby is not made by one person. Am going to assume that since human reproduction is a compulsory topic, you all know the basics so I won’t delve into details. So, why should the consequences of an act that is perfomed by two be on the shoulders of…

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